Monday’s Showdown Rundown

Basketball Wives 7:00-8:00

Basketball Wives started off with a continuation from last week episode of Evelyn hitting Jennifer in the head with her clutch purse.  I do not agree with Evelyn way of handling certain situations.  Jennifer does not seem like a fighter, she should back down and call it quits like a grown woman would.  Jennifer attempted at playing tennis was terrible.  Keisha outing Kenya was bad, but Kenya back her into a wall.  Kenya should keep her shoes on, it’s not that serious.  Royce is cool, and I can definitely tell Tami is from the hood.

La La’s Full Court Life 8:00-8:30

Happy Birthday Kelly Rowland! La La sent her best friend Po and cousin Dice to pick up gifts while she attend a photo shoot.  Po and Dice bought Kelly some interesting gifts.  La La receives a call from her manager about walking in a red dress for fashion week in New York City. The red dress event was around the same time as Kelly birthday celebration.  The red dresses event is a charity, signifying breast cancer.    Dice came up with an idea, so La la can attend both Kelly birthday and the red dress walk the runway event.  La La decided to play a trick on Kelly and fake like she was not able to make it to her birthday, so Kelly cancels her birthday party.  When La La, Dice, and Po arrived at the restaurant they found out Kelly cancel and they went to the studio to surprise Kelly.  After surprising Kelly, they later went to lunch and invited Tinka to join.  The show was entertaining.

Style by June 8:30-9:00

Rapper Trina asked June Ambrose to help her reinvent her image.  Trina stated that her new music is leaning towards pop and she wanted a style going in that direction.  June had a hard time convincing Trina to completely change her style.  Trina was not feeling any of June’s ideas in the beginning, but soon accepted the transformation.  She gave a fierce photo shoot.  Trina later introduced her fans to her new look and received standing ovation.  Trina was quite emotional, as well as June.  Trina new look was edgy.  



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